LL-605 Marauder

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LL-605 Box Art

LL-605 is a long-range tactical interceptor, designed for planetary surveillance and covert operations. Marauder performs admirably in a wide variety of atmospheres, as well as deep space.  

The ship is designed to keep its two-man crew comfortable over long periods of time, and has proved invaluable gathering intelligence during the Ugokin conflict.

Builder Notes: 

LL-605 almost didn’t exist. The ship started out as a rough work-in-progress which, when posted on Flickr, recieved a suprising amount of positive praise. My good friend (and fellow Spacer) Doctor Sinister actually threatened to kill me if I didn’t finish it, so I gave the ship some attention.

I spent around fourteen hours stripping everything off the sketch model, and replacing it with better things. I bought five copies of a new racer set, so I could get hold of a decent number of blue 1x4 curved slopes. A lot of time was spent making sure everything looked cool. 

I had a good time greebling LL-605, and may have reached a new level of underside detail with this one. Hinge tops and certain brackets can almost be used as ‘anti-tiles’ - giving a very pleasing effect down there.

Marauder is the sturdiest Neo-Classic Space ship I’ve built so far. All the internals and structure points are reinforced, to prevent embarrassing incidents at public events. She's definitely a ship for swooshing.

Thanks to Ian for the photo editing.

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