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LL-553 won't get caught out twice

Graham Dewhurst (Whiz Bang) has built a rather splendid little ship, the LL-553.

LL-553 Box Art

The first prototype was received well by the Federation, but fared rather badly in an unprovoked Ugokin attack.

Federation engineers rebuilt it, but determined not to be caught unprepared again, used it as a test platform for experimental weaponry.

LL-553 Montage

This proved to be a perfect match, and the LL-553 had a long and successful life as a Federation gunship.


LL-553 Front

Day 30 Bonus: LL-414 Support Gunship and LL-114 Short-range Interceptor

Matt Holland has built a nice little gunship.

LL-414 Gunship

The black and yellow stripe in slopes is a particularly nice touch. We also rather like Matt's interceptor, even if the colour of the cockpit is wrong.

LL-414 Support Gunship and LL-114 Short-range Interceptor

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