Moritz Nolting

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Moritz Nolting

After more than 10 years of fairly dim ages, Moritz started building again just 10 months ago when he moved his childhood collection back from his parents' house.

Not having a favourite LEGO theme, he builds whatever comes to mind, as long as it's interesting or fun. Or both. Classic space certainly is. Moritz remembers the first set he took home from the supermarket: 6824 Space Dart! It was the first time he saw a whole shelf full of Lego – and it blew him away.

Moritz has invented a LEGO storage system based on cut-open juice cartons that he reckons is probably unique.

At 29, Moritz lives in Mannheim, Germany, where he's a communication designer by training and a copy writer for an Ad agency by profession.

Moritz says he's very good at missing deadlines for contests or challanges, so we're really glad he persevered with this one.

His creations can be found on Flickr.


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