Mark Sandlin

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Mark Sandlin

My first Space set was the 483 Alpha 1 Rocket Base, which I received for my 6th birthday in 1980. I've always been a science fiction fan, so naturally the Space line was my favorite. I never really had a true "dark ages" like many LEGO fans, helped by the fact that my brother is 12 years younger than me. I still built MOCs with him as he grew up. There were a few years post-college when I wasn't actively building, but my interest was refreshed when the Star Wars line was released, and I became involved with the fan community online. I've made some really great friends from all over the world through LEGO, and enjoyed going to conventions and displays.

Mark is, of course, being modest and forgetting to mention he was the designer of last year's Space Skulls set.

Mark's own website is Fleebnork and his models can also be found on Flickr.


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