Carl Greatrix

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Carl Greatrix

Carl is a trained illustrator and artist and generally an all round "creative type", also an accomplished model builder/kitbasher/scratchbuilder.

Lego has been his favourite pastime since the age of 3, starting with Sticklebricks before that! Trains were his passion, so much so that he avoided ever building one again when out of his dark age, as he knew it would be a slippery slope. His dark age ended in around '98, and he got into building Star Wars and military stuff, this kept going on and off until his partner asked him to build his old childhood train and now he's completely hooked on building anything train related.

Carl is about to start a new job with TT Games, designing the models that appear within their games. If he wasn't such a nice guy we'd hate him for it!

He posts model shots in his brickshelf gallery and Flickr gallery.


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