Day 18: Mobile Intergalactic Rocket Command

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Continuing our journey through Federation space, we come to Adrian Drake's Mobile Intergalactic Rocket Command, a key piece of infrustructure for new colonies that need to get a lot of infrastructure into orbit, but don't have the resources in place to set up a more permanent rocket base.

Mobile Intergalactic Rocket Command

The MIRC, or Mobile Intergalactic Rocket Command, and its crew of 6 are tasked to go anywhere and launch anything at any time.  With a sealed cockpit and double airlock, the crewmembers can come and go with ease and are not saddled by cumbersome air tanks and helmets while at launch controls.  The balloon tires and suspension system guarantee clearance over any obstacle.

Ready to launch!

Adrian describes the build: The first thing I think of when I think Classic Space is different that most.  I think of 6950 Mobile Rocket Transport, my choice for best ground vehicle Lego's ever made in a space theme.  So when I was invited, very late to the party, to join the Neo Classic Space event, I knew I had to make something based on the MRT.  Since I'm known as That Guy Who Builds Big Things, I had nowhere to go but up.

Staring down the business end!

The MIRC is a significantly upsized homage to the MRT, based around 3 key features:  The balloon tires, the cockpit piece, and 4x4 quarter cylinders for the rocket body.  These 3 key elements set the scale of the entire vehicle.  The rest was just filling in details.  The model came together extremely quickly, which is good because I wasn't even aware of the project until a week before it was due to go live.

MIRC behind

the build was fast and fun, although I struggled with greebling (not my strong suit).  The rocket qualifies as a SHIP in and of itself, being 106 studs long. The MIRC was my first major Lego project since the Jetsons Tower last year, and it feels good to be building again.


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